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Managing the Cost of MS Care

It is no secret that MS is an expensive disease! The average person with MS spends an estimated $1.2 on their treatment, so we can use all the help we can get. That is why I put together a comprehensive list of resources that can help cover the costs of medications, adaptive equipment, cooling products, and MRIs.

Medication Copay Assistance for People Covered by Private Insurance

Symptom Management:

  • There are coupons for pretty much any type of prescription medication (for any type of medical issue) available at (just type in the name of the medication, and coupons for local pharmacies will be listed, along with printable coupons)

  • Ampyra: Ampyra Patient Support Services (888)881-1918

  • Botox: Botox Savings Card

  • Myrbetriq: for printable copay saving card

Disease Modifying Therapy (DMTs):

All DMT’s have patient support services that will work with each person to lower their copay to as low as $0, and some even help pay your deductible if you meet it because of your DMT. Links to all DMT patient support services (including websites and phone numbers) can be found on the National MS Society’s website.

Medication Copay Assistance for People covered by Public Insurance

People with public/government insurance can not use coupons or patient assistance programs due to the anti-kickback law. There are several nonprofit organizations that can help cover medication expenses:

  • The Assistance Fund- (877)245-4412

  • GoodDays- (877)968-7233

  • HealthWell Foundation (Medicare only)- (800)675-8416

  • Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief Program (Medicare, Medicaid, Military plans only)- (866)512-3861

  • Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation (Medicare only)- (866)316-7263

Medication Copay Assistance for People Without Insurance:

For DMT’s contact the patient assistance program for the medication to find out how to qualify for free medication.

Some brand name medications used to treat symptoms also have programs through the manufacturer (Such as Pfizer’s RxPathways which will offer free Lyrica to those with a financial need). Check the pharmaceutical company’s website for information on programs, and instructions on how to apply.

MRI Copay Assistance

Free Cooling Equipment

Financial Assistance for Adaptive Equipment

(wheelchairs, ramps, stair lifts, vehicle hand controls etc…)

MSAA Equipment Distribution Program (bathtub transfer benches, shower chairs, bathtub safety rails, elevated toilet seats, seated walkers, grab bars, quad canes, adapted drinking cups, grab bars, hand rails, easy-grip utensil sets, leg lifts, manual wheelchairs).

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency that helps people with disabilities access equipment that enables them to work.

Check the National MS Society's website for additional adaptive equipment resources.

MS Society Navigator Program

MS Navigators can help you find out what financial resources are available in your state/community. 1(800)344-4867

Hospital Based Care/Testing

Not-for-profit hospitals often have programs that offer free and/or discounted care for patients with financial need (these can help with the cost of lab work, imaging, and other testing), but most programs are not well advertised. Find out which hospitals in your area are not-for-profit, and contact them to inquire about available programs. Many for-profit hospitals also have charitable care programs, so it is always worth asking.

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