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Caution: Namedropping Ahead

Beware, because I’m about to drop a name on you guys…Montel Williams.

A handful of people living with MS and members of our local MS Society Chapter were invited to the taping of Veria Living Live today. Montel Williams co-hosted the show and it was all about raising MS awareness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our main role was to wear orange (it was really difficult to find an attractive orange dress to wear!), sit in the audience, OoOoOo, ahhhh, and laugh on cue…and it was so much fun! In between sets we got to sample baked goods from the cooking segment and he even gave us each a lottery ticket (on the condition that we split any major profits with him obviously)!

I won $2.00, well on my way to fortune and fame

One part in particular really stuck with me. He was talking about his wife and how essential she has been. He said the world only sees the version of him where he is smiling for the cameras, dressed well, and looking healthy. His wife is the only one who sees him on the bad days where he can’t walk or do things for himself. He noted that people always comment on how cute it is that they still hold hands and show affection after being married for so long. However, what they don’t realize is that they hold hands because she is preventing him from falling and making a scene in front of millions of people as they make their way down the red carpet.

I mean wow. I think most of us, MS or not, have that person that we can open up to and share our vulnerable sides with. I believe the way you portray yourself to the world is the energy that you receive back. I also believe that when you live with a chronic illness every day the energy around you is essential to your success, or your failure. I make a conscious effort to show strength and humor in every situation, because that is what I want the people to give back to me. My fiancé , my parents, and my closest friends however are the ones who grip my hand when I start to get anxious in public, or who pick up the slack at home if I just can’t handle it that day. On of my biggest blessings in life is my incredible fiancé, Michael. He’s my rock and I feel so secure when I’m out with him because I know that if I need a break I don’t have to make excuses or tap out SOS in morse code. One glance to him and he knows something is wrong and then, together, we gracefully exit without drawing attention. It’s important, and may even be the most important role a person can play in your life.

So thanks Montel for getting me all sappy, and for that $2.00 scratcher!!

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