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My First Ocrevus Infusion

"Up until about a year ago I was doing very well on Tysabri, and it seemed like my relentless wave of relapses were finally in check. However, eventually my MS started to rear its ugly head again. It started with an episode of facial numbness and optic neuritis, followed by leg weakness a couple of months later. After an MRI confirmed that I had new spinal cord lesions, my neurologist and I decided it was indeed time to move on to the next DMT, and we were hopeful that Ocrevus would be a good fit....When Ocrevus was approved in March, 2017 I was excited to give it a try!I just had my very first Ocrevus infusion, and since I know many people living with MS are going to be facing their first infusions I wanted to share what my experience was like."

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