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Facing the Emotional Symptoms of MS Together

"Living with MS, or any chronic illness, brings it’s fair share of emotional challenges. We are all familiar with the emotional roller coaster that follows the initial diagnosis or even a setback. Those of us living with MS and our loved ones have to take a crash course in dealing with the unexpected. Being able to cope with change is a necessary tool for survival, but for some of us it’s extremely difficult to do. It’s perfectly normal to go through a period of grieving, and after living with MS for several years I’ve learned that grief doesn’t just occur in the beginning. It also comes back whenever we have a relapse, experience a setback, or struggle with something that used to be easy. I always allow myself to take time to grieve, but adapting and moving on is essential to survival. It’s important that we are all able to recognize the difference between normal emotions, and ones that deserve more attention."...

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