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What Does it Take to be Brave?

"When I need to de-stress or take sometime to myself I head outdoors. Nature is my sanctuary, and a little fresh air has a way of putting all the stress of life into perspective. Recently I found myself at a peaceful little spot along the James River watching two geese swimming with their little goslings. They were gliding effortlessly along the water, making it easy to forget that beneath the surface their feet were constantly kicking and fighting against the river’s current.

I’ve spent the better part of 4 years trying to be like a goose gliding gracefully against an ever present current. I never let on what a struggle living with MS can sometimes be. As far as everyone else is concerned I look like a healthy person, walk like a healthy person (for the most part), and talk like a healthy person. Therefore, I’m probably just another normal healthy person. Right?"

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